A hospital imagined by a 4-year old

Posted on October 27, 2015

Have you ever imagined what a hospital would look like, or how it would function if it were imagined by a kid?

One Family Life activity called My Own Hospital, inspired just that.

Sick children and their siblings staying at the House used small boxes, markers, paint, and fun odds and ends to structure and design their version of the perfect hospital. The participants add their very own special touches to the buildings, and shared what they thought would make the hospital really awesome.

One young boy wanted to create a hospital for “kids that are sick and hurt and for villains”. The young boy loves superheroes and thought it was important for villains to also have a place where they could get help from doctors when they get hurt.

A hospital imagined by a 4-year old

To be sure that the villains wouldn’t get away after they were treated, the boy added a jail cell inside the hospital. He also made Batman and Robin the doctors that worked there and said that they would fly down from their office on the highest floor of the hospital to welcome each and every child checking in.

He finished the activity by saying: “I wonder if this can turn into a real hospital.”

Hospital Imagined by a 4-year old

Families staying at Ronald McDonald House are going through an extremely stressful time…the illness of their child. These families have travelled to Calgary to receive medical treatment for their child, and often siblings come along as well.

When a family member is in the hospital, everyone has questions.

That’s why our Family Life Program is so important, it helps the entire family cope with the situation, and express themselves in a compassionate environment.

My Own Hospital is just one of many Family Life Activities that families can participate in while staying at Ronald McDonald House in Calgary. Other activities include syringe art, sensory bags, test tube creations, explosion of feelings and teddy bear clinics.

The Family Life program is just one of the many ways Ronald McDonald House supports family-centered care.

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