Birthday Hero: Kaleb

Posted on September 29, 2017

It’s a warm Saturday afternoon in late August and seven-year-old Kaleb Kwas is standing in the entrance of Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta. He’s brought a new air hockey table and Star Wars toy with him.

Kaleb first learned about the House just a few months earlier when his mother volunteered for the Home for Dinner program. Along with a group of coworkers, Odessa purchased and prepared dinner for the 24 House families to enjoy. After expressing interest in what his mom was up to, Odessa explained to Kaleb what the House is for and why it’s important to help others. That’s when Kaleb decided he wanted to help the House too. He would start with his birthday.

“The stories of the families and sick kids in need made me sad and I wanted to help them. My parents told me about volunteering and donations. My birthday was coming up so I asked everyone coming to my party to donate $5,” he said.

Kaleb raised $75 from his birthday party. After the success of his birthday, Kaleb was hooked. His passion for finding new ways to support the House is what brought him back on this summer afternoon, toys in hand. He’s bought the toys with the children of Ronald McDonald House in mind and plans to donate them to the House.

“It’s important to help others in need and make them feel happy. One day I might stay there and will be wishing for someone to make me feel happy.”

Kaleb also wants to encourage other kids his age to support the House and do good in their community.

“It’s a win/win. You help families and kids feel happy and you feel happy for being able to help.”

Want to become a birthday hero like Kaleb? Pledge your birthday at and help keep families close.

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