Game to Give

May 26, 2018

6 PM
Downtown Calgary

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Game to Give is a volunteer-ran non profit corporation that partners with charities to throw fundraising events on their behalf. The fundraisers are structured as a ‘tournament’ of teams of two competing in unique and accessible games that require skills that anybody, or more likely, nobody has (see the Example Games section on our website at We charge a reasonable entrance fee for participants with >90% of that fee being directly donated to our partner charity, in this case Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Our goal is to give you an incredibly fun evening of friendly and unconventional competition, while effectively raising money for high impact causes that we all care about. And as an added incentive, the proceeds of the evening will be donated to the charity in the names of our two Champions.

Expect to compete in a friendly, high energy atmosphere against like minded individuals for a great cause. Each team of 2 will compete in approximately 5 events that they get to choose at the beginning of the evening. Events are all over the place from speed charades to throwing and catching games to fun trivia. Think of it as a blending of Mario Party, ‘Minute to Win It’, and the non-gross “Survivor” immunity challenges!

Proceeds benefiting RMHC Southern Alberta, For more information please contact
Event location is in downtown Calgary with the exact location to be announced!

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Game to Give