The Hofer Family

Calgary House

Pincher Creek, Alberta

Amidst the ups and downs of life, from the uncertainties of each day – to the war comforting “certainties” of the Ronald McDonald House! With grateful hearts, we would like to share our story.

My husband Eric and I, Melissa, have been residents of the House for the past 10 weeks (so far). After trying to conceive for 10 years, countless doctor and specialist visits being told that medically it was impossible, that we would ever have a family, we were overjoyed with thanksgiving when we learned that we were expecting! Against all odds our very own amazing miracle! God is Good!

At our first ultrasound, we were told I had a complete Placenta Previa and was put on complete bedrest after spotting a few months later. On December 20, 2015, at 23 weeks, I had a major bleed and was flown by “STARS” from Pincher Creek, Alberta to the Foothills Hospital here in Calgary. Needless to say, it was a very scary time for us. After much prayer, the bleeding stopped and the baby stayed in its snuggly home! Safe and sound! After two nights in the hospital, we were checked into the Ronald McDonald House, a place where in just a very short time wiggled its way into our hearts. Making it our “home away from home” until the baby’s arrival. At a time when everything is uncertain, the House is a safe haven of rest, peace and love (not to mention all the fresh delicious baking)! The amazing staff and volunteers are next to home! Not only making you feel at home, but treating you like you are family. It’s a place where new friendships are born; where guests and staff alike share in each other’s joys and pains. Creating friendships that will last beyond our time spent here.

So, with overwhelming gratitude, we thank everyone involved in making this place a possibility! An answer to our prayers, a true place of love and giving!

We will forever be grateful and cherish all the memories we have had here.

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