The Sevillano Family

Calgary House

Brooks, Alberta

It had been a long journey, but according to Boris Sevillano, he finally had it all. Immigrating to Canada from El Salvador to build a better life for his family, Boris lived and worked in Brooks, Alberta, waiting for his wife and daughter to join him. Reuniting with his family three years later, Boris’ wife, Sylvia became pregnant with their second child. Life was perfect.

On June 3, 2011, after numerous complications, Sylvia was told by doctors that she miscarried, devastating the family.

“After the miscarriage, Sylvia said she still felt all of the same pregnancy symptoms,” says Boris. “It was strange and we knew something wasn’t right.”

Sure enough, on July 14 doctors in Medicine Hat confirmed that Sylvia was STILL pregnant. With endless questions racing through their minds, doctors have yet to confirm what happened on that day in June. Was Sylvia pregnant with twins? Was it all a mistake?

Returning home to Brooks on bed rest, Sylvia continued to experience complications with her pregnancy, and on November 12, baby Boris was born.

“Because of all of the complications, we were rushed to Calgary. I didn’t know where we were going to stay and how we were going to afford everything,” says Boris. “I had never even heard of Ronald McDonald House, but I’m so thankful it was there for us.”

Though the family continues to stay at the House when needed, Boris says the family’s stay has been a wonderful experience. His daughter, 14-year-old Marcela, actively participated in the Education Program, and Boris even had the opportunity to attend the World Juniors gold medal game, thanks to a generous donor.

“When all of this is over and we take baby Boris home for good, we’re going to come back to Ronald McDonald House and have a barbeque for the other families staying here. We just want to give back to the House that has done so much for us.”

To date, Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta has kept the Sevillano family together on five different occasions for a total of 200 nights.

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