It Takes A Village

Posted on January 30, 2018

Here at Ronald McDonald House, we work extra hard to make the holiday season special for our families. So that, in the midst one of life’s most trying times, our families can still experience the magic of the holidays. But we couldn’t do it alone. Like they say, it takes a village. And we have a great one.

During the holidays, we received over 75 visits from our amazing supporters bringing gifts for our families. In December alone, we had 58 volunteer groups prepare meals for our families.







Thank you.

Your generosity gave our families something to look forward to. It eased the financial and emotional burdens of trying to organize Christmas when their child is in the hospital. It helped them experience the magic of Christmas when they truly needed it most.

If you want to understand the impact of your donation just read the letter below, sent from a family who stayed with us this Christmas.


Dear Donors,

Our little boy joined us on December 20, 2017 – he was due February 12, 2018. All Christmas Shopping was done and the tree decorated ‘just so’. We left home – our family ranch an hour and a half east of Medicine Hat – that Wednesday for our prenatal appointment and ultrasound not knowing we would be rushed to the OR later that afternoon and our little one, Archie, flown to Calgary that same night. We would not be home for Christmas. Nor would we be showing off our baby bump at the special Christmas Eve Supper at my husband’s grandparent’s farm house. We wanted and needed to be here with our boy through his rough first couple of days.

Your graciously donated Santa Sack gifts that we opened in our cozy, safe place (our room at RMH) brought tears of thankfulness to our eyes. We appreciate all of this generosity SO much that words cannot explain. You gave us our own little Christmas morning complete with gifts for our newborn son. It made being away from home and our families just a little easier to handle.

Thank you so very much.


Graeme, Laura and Archie.

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