Be Silly and Try New Things

Posted on February 10, 2017

Last week, we unveiled a new magnetic gallery wall in the Craft Room at the House in Calgary.

The wall, made possible by a donation from a past RMH family, is in honour of Karsten Huth. Before losing his battle to cancer, Karsten stayed at the House, spending most of his time being creative and taking part in activities in the Craft Room. During Karsten’s time here in Calgary, he truly made a lasting impression on everyone he talked to and we are honoured to preserve his legacy with Karsten’s Gallery Wall.

Karsten meeting Calgary Stampeder Deron Mayo

The quote found at the the top of the wall is from Karsten’s last journal entry:

This is the last game, the last quarter, 30 seconds left, down by two and I am not going to stop running. I have only a short time but I am going to continue to hope. What is important to me isn’t the same any more.

Be a team player, not just on the field or floor but in the everyday world. Kindness trumps everything. Find your true friends and be there for them. I am scared now and I could just hide but today is a day I still can have and even though my energy is low and my pain is high l am going to embrace today’s opportunity. Hang out and try something new.

Family is real, love them and tell them so. Don’t just put your ear buds in for the trip.

I challenge you to be real to yourself, to your family and to your friends. Some people might not like you but the ones who do will support you ‘til the end.

Have fun and be silly try new things, this is how I live and it has made my life fun.

Karsten Huth

November 17 2015



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