The Real Housewives of Red Deer cook up some comfort

Posted on October 23, 2013


By Brenda Sarg, Ronald McDonald House Central Alberta volunteer
Over a year ago, a good friend of mine said Ronald McDonald House was opening soon in Red Deer and we should get orientated so we can go in a cook a supper for the families. She had used the Ronald McDonald House for her daughter in another city and said it was a pretty awesome resource to have when you are away from home & all you can think about is your kid.

We did the Orientation and posted on facebook to see if we could round up 6 friends to join us.


Everybody wanted to help. EVERYBODY. We had the 6 in a matter of minutes and many asking us to set up more dates because they wanted to be involved too.

From there…The Real Housewives of Red Deer was born. Up went the facebook group, which you can find here and it quickly grew to over 160 members.

The Real Housewives of Red Deer is a group created so that individuals can participate even if they can’t come up with the funds or people to take in a
group. It operates as a pool of cooks. Those who have taken Orientation choose a date for the meal through Linda, plan the menu, get the groceries and find a sponsor. Then they post on the group wall and within minutes we have a group of 8 friends and strangers signed up to cook. Awesome right?

The truth is, we always have a ton of fun doing it. However, we do not lose sight of why we are there. We are there because other moms and dads are
suffering. Chances are good they are exhausted and preparing a meal for themselves or their families is last on the list of priorities. If we can bring
even a small sense of normalcy, comfort and nourishment to those families then we have done what we are there for.

Want to join us? Join the facebook group and watch for dates being posted looking for cooks or we are always looking for sponsors! $200 is our budget for dinners and $150 for brunches. You will receive a tax receipt from Ronald McDonald House for your donation and we will look after the rest! Please
contact me via twitter: @BrendaSarg, facebook or by email if you would like more details on how to sponsor a Real Housewives of Red Deer dinner.

MEN welcome too!! And yes…you have to wear a Real Housewives of Red Deer apron 😉

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