About Us

Keeping Families Close

Imagine learning that your child is ill and you will need to travel to a different city to receive the medical care they need. In the midst of your worst nightmare as a parent, you must now also leave your home, your job and your support system. This is the reality for more than 70 per cent of Canadian families with seriously ill or injured children.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Southern & Central Alberta is here to help. Our Houses provide a home away from home for families with children receiving vital medical treatment in Calgary and Red Deer. Most importantly, our warm, welcoming and affordable accommodations help ease the heavy financial and emotional burdens placed on the hundreds of families who come through our doors each year.

In addition to our Houses, we are the proud operator of Canada’s first and only Ronald McDonald Care Mobile. Staffed by registered clinicians from Mosaic Primary Care Network, this state-of-the-art mobile clinic provides essential healthcare services and wellness programming to those living in east Calgary who need it most.

Who We Help

Last year, 670 out-of-town families stayed at our Houses in Calgary and Red Deer and more than 2,200 local children received health services through our Care Mobile Program.

Any family from out-of-town with a child receiving medical treatment in Calgary or Red Deer can stay at Ronald McDonald House. This includes expectant mothers with high-risk pregnancies, adoptive parents awaiting babies in-hospital and families of all structures. Local families can access our Day Use Program as well as the health services provided by our Care Mobiles.

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Our History

Our first House opened in 1985 in Calgary’s Killarney neighbourhood. The House served nearly 18,000 people over the span of two decades before relocating to its current location in March of 2007. Located across the street from the Alberta Children’s Hospital, the Calgary House has 24 family suites with private beds and baths.

In 2012, we opened our Red Deer House next to Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre. With 11 family suites, the House primarily serves families from across Central Alberta for which Red Deer is the medical hub.

In addition to the opening of our House in Red Deer, 2012 saw the addition of Canada’s first Ronald McDonald Care Mobile. In partnership with Mosaic Primary Care Network, our Care Mobile served over 2,600 families in east Calgary in its first year alone and has served thousands more families each year.

Our Mission

To create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and wellbeing of children and their families.


Our Core Values

  • Lead with compassion
  • Focus on the critical needs of children and their families
  • Celebrate the diversity of our people and programs
  • Value our heritage
  • Operate with accountability and transparency