Yankee Doodle

Posted on February 9, 2015

By Christina Hemens
My brother and I recently celebrated our birthdays. We were born 2 years and a day apart. Even though we live 3,214 kms away from each other (I looked it up) we always make sure to text and call regularly. I was reminiscing about how much he means to me…

I was born one day before my brother’s second birthday. When he came to the hospital to visit he thought I was his birthday present. Let’s be honest, I was the best gift he’s ever received ;).


When I was about 3 months old I became very sick. I had regular ear infections that would cause very high fevers. A few times these fevers would cause me to have seizures. One time it was quite serious and I was transferred two hours away to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. I was on life supports for a small amount of time. While my mom was in Toronto watching over me, my two brothers and sister stayed home with my dad. After a surgery to put tubes in my ears, a lot of prayer and a little bit of time I had recovered and was ready to return home.

My brother and I shared a room at the time. Turns out he was wondering where his birthday present went. The first night home he crawled into my crib and sang me the only two songs he knew: Yankee Doodle and the ABC’s. When my parents recount this story he beams with pride and I feel pretty special.

Upon returning home and having our entire family together I can confidently say that togetherness made us stronger.


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