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Posted on March 29, 2016

My name is Ben Erickson and I am seven years old. I have been playing lacrosse for three years and I love the Roughnecks. I go to all the games with my family. I emptied my piggy bank to make a donation because I want to help sick kids.

So often, it’s kids who give us an example to live by. Seven-year-old Ben Erickson is one such kid who has inspired us with his generosity and fierce support of both the Calgary Roughnecks and the House. To emulate his Roughnecks idols, Ben decided to put his savings towards helping sick kids and making a big difference by participating in Hair Massacure 2016. What started as $30 soon grew to more than than $3,000 – Calgary Roughnecks player Curtis Dickson even posted on Instagram about Ben’s efforts!


Ben and his family experienced first-hand how important it is to be close to loved ones in times of emergency, so he was ready and willing to donate money to benefit families with sick kids. Recently, we got in touch with Ben to get a clearer idea of why he decided to fundraise for Hair Massacure:

Q. Why did you decide to get involved in Hair Massacure?
A. Because the Roughnecks were doing it and so was my favourite player, Curtis Dickson, and I really wanted to help sick kids.

Q. What would you like other kids to know about donating to charity?
A. That instead of buying stuff for yourself when you already have enough toys and things, you should donate your money to help people who need it. It feels really good to help people.

Q. We hear you play and watch lacrosse yourself! Tell us a bit about your team and your favourite professional team.
A. I play Axemen Lacrosse, Calgary Winter Lacrosse and I’m now paying with Elev8 Lacrosse too. My favourite professional team is the Calgary Roughnecks! They have some of the best players in the world.

Q. What was your favourite part of the Hair Massacure Grande Finale?
A. Watching my favourite player, Curtis Dickson, get his pink head shaved!

In total, Ben raised $3,335 for the House through his fundraising efforts! What an amazing young man! We are excited to welcome Ben and his family to the House this April for a tour to show him just how much his support helps families who are away from home. We are so grateful for Ben and his contribution to Hair Massacure 2016 and Ronald McDonald House Charities Southern & Central Alberta!

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